Who am I?

Personal Nov 29, 2023

You're probably wondering. Whose blog have I stumbled upon?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jasper. I'm an 18 year old software developer student in and from the Netherlands. At the time of writing, we're learning how to use C#. If I may say so myself, I'm getting quite proficient already.

So what's this for?

Good question. I haven't really figured that one out quite yet. I imagine this blog as a space where I can share thoughts, things I've learned and events happening in my life. I hope it's interesting to someone. If not, that's okay. This is for me.

What programming languages do you use?

I'm a big fan of JavaScript, both in the web as well as server-side using NodeJS. I also use the basic web languages- HTML, CSS and PHP. And, as mentioned before, I'm learning C# at the moment.

Where else can I find you?

A lot of places, actually. You can find me on various Discord servers, GitHub, Twitter (I know, X, but.. no.) and last but not least, e-mail on jplatenburg@ptdk.nl

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.